January 2021 Product Release Key Takeaways:

TRACE trade data is now available within the Solve app
Solve Composite Data for Corporate and Municipal Bonds is now available within SolveQuotes
Agent Bank Quotes Highlighted
Additional filtering customization options
Redesign of Alerts and Add Quotes windows

Read below for additional release details and information.


NEW PRODUCT ANNOUCEMENT: TRACE data available within SolveQuotes

TRACE data can be viewed and filtered within the Quotes tab, Portfolio window, and historical chart

o Dealer Buys, Sells, and Dealer to Dealer is specified

• Historical TRACE data available

Release Notes_CORP TRACE

PRODUCT ANNOUCEMENT: Composite for SQ Corp & Muni Bonds – Solve composite data is now available within SolveQuotes

• Solve’s Composite Price provides:

o Real-time Price Transparency

o Smart Algorithmic Design

o Actionable Insight to Execute Trades

o Quick Price Discovery Based on Various Provider Levels

• Real-time & historical composite pricing is available within the Quotes tab, Portfolio window, and historical chart

• Note: Composite data for Bank Loans is available within the Solve app as well

Release Notes_MUNI Composite

SQ Loan Addition: Agent Bank Quotes Highlighted

• For Parsed messages that you’re direct on, an icon highlights quotes from the agent bank

Release Notes_Loan Agent Bank

Enhancement: Custom Column Filters – Users can now utilize advanced custom formatting when filtering

• The “custom” column filter allows multiple “and” / “or” options

Release Notes_Conditional Formatting

Enhancement: Redesign of Alerts Window

• Alerts can be filtered by type and based on specific dealers

Release Notes_Manage Alerts

Also included in this release:

• Clear Filter Function: More easily clear filters across multiple columns with the right-click option
• Redesign of Add New Quotes window
• “My Portfolios” view
• SQ Web Addition: Comments are viewable on the historical graph
• SQ Web Addition: BWIC and Inventory Monitor filters can be preserved by clicking “remember these settings”




Solve houses the bond market’s largest dataset of bids, offers, BWIC price talk, and trade color. Powered by machine learning and natural language processing, our platform puts more than 500,000 securities at your fingertips. Coverage includes: Structured Products, Corporate Bonds, Syndicated Bank Loans, CDS, and Municipal Bonds.