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Time is money, and in Fixed Income, a lot of it is lost to screen-toggling and chasing price data.

Our solutions cut down on that lost time through an Excel add-in, data feed implementations (e.g. API, SFTP, FIX), and partner integrations that help you get work done faster, wherever you get it done.

Solve and Intex collaborate

Solve’s integration with INTEX delivers all of your Structured Products data in one screen. The integrated product features:

BWICs and Dealer Inventory with portfolio matchers, customization, filtering, and single-click scenario analysis.
Integration with the Solve matcher alert system.
Real-time and historical market color across the deal and within INTEX Portfolios.
Full integration with CLO Data Analysis.

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Solve’s integration on Moody’s Analytics’ Structured Finance Portal provides advanced analytics for investors in securitized products, including:

Real-time dashboard of BWICs, Inventories, and Quotes.
Market color from a user’s own data plus Solve’s contributed market data.
Comparative metrics and analysis.

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Solve’s integration with Trepp brings enhanced data and analytics to CMBS and CLO professionals. Features include:

Automatic bond bid list parsing (collecting price information from messages, emails, and attachments, regardless of format).
View and utilize pricing in the P/Y calculators.
BWIC monitor with PX talk.
Real-time and historical Solve Market Data.
Portfolio matchers.

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