About Solve

Founded in 2011, Solve’s mission is to deliver transparency to the famously opaque bond markets. We provide the bond industry with the most comprehensive, accurate, and real-time information and workflow tools available.

Here’s how

We house the largest dataset (4MM+) of bids, offers and market color across five asset classes (Structured Products, Corporates, Bank Loans, CDS, Convertible Bonds and Municipals).
Powered by machine learning and natural language processing, our sophisticated, flexible technology collects more data and market color when and how you need it.
Our powerful workflow tools eliminate the hassle of the BWIC process, consolidate dealer inventories and streamline month-end for the back office, all in one place and at your fingertips.

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Questions for Solve get resolved in a matter of minutes, not days. Anywhere else, I end up in a service black hole.

Our Team

The Solve team has extensive expertise and passion for financial markets and developing innovative technology.

Eugene Grinberg, CFA
Co-founder, President, and CEO
Gerard Nealon
Co-founder, President, and CEO
Shannon McGowan
Global Head of HR
Joseph Plastina
Chief Financial Officer
Michael Pascuma
Chief Revenue Officer
Keenan Marshall
Chief Technology Officer
Wah Chu
Chief Customer Officer
Sourav Srimal
SVP, Data
Michael Pellerito
SVP, Financial Engineering
Mark Sollecito
SVP, Account Management and Solution Consulting
Larry Mitchell
SVP, Product Management
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