SolveQuotes Market Data - Market Pricing from our Data Partners

SolveQuotes for Front-Office Parse your own messages to extract
valuable market color, BWICs, and
dealer inventories
SolveQuotes Market Data Complement your parsed data with
market data contributed by our
data partners
SolveQuotes for Back-Office Eliminate the month-end hassle by
parsing broker valuation statements
with powerful exception reporting

In addition to pricing data that can be scraped from your messages, SolveQuotes leverages data that is contributed by our partners - buy-side and sell-side market participants who opted into sharing their parsed data anonymously.

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Who is the data for?

  • Trading / Portfolio Management - complements the data that is scraped from your messages for price discovery
  • Risk Management / Surveillance - aids prudent risk management by providing transparency in otherwise illiquid markets
  • Middle and Back-Office - compare broker and vendor marks to observed market data for price testing
  • IPV / Pricing / Valuations - mark positions and train your models with real market data

Asset Classes - Coverage

  • Structured Products: 120,000+
  • Corporate Bonds: 65,000+
  • Syndicated Bank Loans: 4,000+
  • Credit Default Swaps: 1,200+
  • Municipal Bonds: 300,000+

Integration with In-house Systems

SolveQuotes data can be easily integrated into your internal systems or analytics.

  • Feeds/APIs - FIX, RESTful API, SFTP
  • Integration Partners - Intex, Moody's Analytics, Trepp
  • Excel Add-in