SolveQuotes for Back-Office - Consolidate Broker Pricing Efficiently

SolveQuotes for Front-Office Parse your own messages to extract
valuable market color, BWICs, and
dealer inventories
SolveQuotes Market Data Complement your parsed data with
market data contributed by our
data partners
SolveQuotes for Back-Office Eliminate the month-end hassle by
parsing broker valuation statements
with powerful exception reporting

Middle and Back-Office groups are required to consolidate broker and vendor prices in short timeframes to aid in financial reporting. This is typically a highly labor-intensive and error-prone process. SolveQuotes for Back-Office automates this process, by parsing and consolidating broker valuation statements, saving considerable time and reducing errors.

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Back-Office Dashboard and Exception Reporting

The Back-Office Dashboard consolidates pricing from numerous broker valuation statements into a single view. Additionally it highlights any outstanding pricing issues:

  • Missing Prices - highlights securities that have not been priced yet
  • Dropped Prices - alerts the analyst to prices that were present in an earlier revision of a valuation statement and have since been dropped by the broker
  • Multiple Prices - the broker accidentally priced the security more than once with differing marks
  • Unverified Prices - the broker marks are substantially different from observed market prices or previous broker marks

Overlaying Market Data

When market data is presented side by side with broker marks it gives the back-office a powerful tool for testing and validating the marks. SolveQuotes leverages data that can be parsed from your messages (such as dealer runs) as well as data contributed by our partners.

Integration with In-house Systems

Broker valuation statement data parsed by SolveQuotes can be easily integrated into your internal accounting and P&L systems via customized exports.