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ZAIS Group Licenses SolveQuotes – Real-Time Market Pricing Software by Solve Advisors

New York - November 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ - New Jersey-based ZAIS Group, LLC becomes the latest client to license SolveQuotes, which offers aggregated market pricing data gathered from the clients’ own incoming email messages in real time in a searchable interface.

Launched by New York-based Solve Advisors Inc. in October 2011 and today used by over 40 clients, SolveQuotes parses incoming messages, corporate emails, and attachments announcing inventories up for sale or lists of securities being liquidated. The program provides instantaneous updates on bids, offers, price talk, trades, covers, and more, resulting in unparalleled access to market pricing when buying, selling, or marking securities to market. SolveQuotes can be deployed on the client side so that proprietary information never leaves the firm’s firewalls, and can be integrated with proprietary systems and analytics.

“We are excited to have ZAIS using SolveQuotes, a firm that is well-known in the markets” said Eugene Grinberg, principal partner of Solve Advisors Inc. “We are also very pleased to have seen such a positive response to SolveQuotes from our clients, which addresses a major need in a very efficient and user-friendly way.”

SolveQuotes’ parsing function is particularly important for markets involving highly illiquid securities, such as corporate fixed income, syndicated bank loans, and structured products which span such asset classes as RMBS, CMBS, ABS, CDOs, and CLOs. As these securities inherently suffer from a lack of market data, SolveQuotes diminishes the need to purchase market data or engage third parties to conduct independent valuations, since the program gathers data already contained in the user’s mailboxes.

Recognizing the range of email message formats and the inherent lack of structure, Solve Advisors has designed the software to normalize securities between identifier and bond name conventions and “understand” various trader lingo to achieve a high level of accuracy. Traditionally, market participants have been relegated to searching their mailbox for market prices or using inadequate parsing tools that were highly inaccurate and provided limited utility.

SolveQuotes’ interface allows market users to look up market prices, identify matchers between client portfolios and live market activity, share comments with other users, and monitor BWICs and inventories. The program also provides historical data, which allows observation of market trends and identification of relative value between asset classes or individual securities in order to aid effective trading and risk management practices.

Solve Advisors Inc. is a New York-based financial technology company formed in 2011 and is headed by Eugene Grinberg, Gerard Nealon, and Adam Prather. In addition to offering SolveQuotes, Solve Advisors develops custom software and analytical tools, and provides advisory services in the areas of complex and illiquid security modeling and valuation and litigation support. Its clients include hedge funds, private equity firms, broker/dealers, insurance companies, accounting firms, law firms, trustees, and administrators.

Contact: For more information on SolveQuotes and to schedule a free trial, please visit or call 646-699-5041.