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Sanjeev Handa Joins Solve Advisors Inc. as Senior Advisor

New York - April 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ - Sanjeev Handa, who has close to three decades of financial markets experience, has joined Solve Advisors Inc. as a Senior Advisor on April 13. Mr. Handa will assist the company in strategic planning, product development and business development.

In his capacity as a Senior Advisor, Mr. Handa will be involved in growing and developing Solve Advisors’ real-time message parsing technology, SolveQuotes, aimed at the fixed income market. The program can be used to aggregate bids, offers, price talk, trades, covers and more to come up with actionable market data, and can be used on the client side to protect proprietary information, integrating internal systems and analytics. SolveQuotes eliminates the need to manually gather actionable data from emails for trading in fixed income and aggregates the information more efficiently to identify market opportunities. This includes normalization of securities across different identifiers and bond name conventions as well as a capacity to “understand” trade lingo. The software also automatically consolidates Bids Wanted in Competition (BWICs) and is particularly useful when trading highly illiquid securities such as corporate fixed income, municipal bonds, syndicated bank loans, and structured products which span such asset classes as RMBS, CMBS, ABS, and CLOs.

Prior to joining Solve, Mr. Handa held several senior investment management positions at TIAA-CREF, where he has worked from 1988 to 2014. From 2006 to 2011, he was head of the company’s global fixed income division, overseeing all of the company’s public fixed income assets. Mr. Handa then went on to head TIAA’s global commercial public and private real estate debt businesses, including commercial mortgages and CMBS. He remained in the position until 2014. Mr. Handa’s additional duties at TIAA-CREF included oversight of the asset-backed securities and structured finance portfolios as well as the company’s securities lending programs. He started his career in the financial markets as an analyst of corporate bonds and emerging markets.

In addition, he is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of Homeownership Preservation Foundation, a national non-profit organization that assists homeowners undergoing financial difficulties and helps them avoid foreclosure. Mr. Handa is also a Managing Member of Old Orchard Lane, LLC and a former Chairman of the Board of the American Securitization Forum.

Mr. Handa holds an MBA from the University of Michigan and earned his undergraduate degrees from New York University and the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art.

Solve Advisors Inc. is a New York-based financial technology company formed in 2011 by Eugene Grinberg and Gerard Nealon. In addition to offering SolveQuotes, Solve Advisors develops custom software and analytical tools, and provides advisory services in the areas of complex and illiquid security modeling and valuation and litigation support. Its clients include hedge funds, private equity funds, broker/dealers, insurance companies, accounting firms, law firms, trustees and administrators.

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