Advisory Services


Our experience in valuations is extensive, permitting Solve Advisors to accurately value securities and loans in a highly scalable manner while providing full transparency in assets ranging from vanilla CMO's to highly complex derivatives. Robust access to market pricing complements fundamental collateral and cashflow analysis.


We provide modeling, analysis, and structuring for asset ranging from Student Loan and Auto Loan ABS to underserved parts of the structured products and loan arena such as Reverse Mortgages, FDIC assisted transactions, Aircraft Leases, and other esoteric and difficult to value assets.

Litigation Support

Our broad background in trading, structuring, loan level due diligence, risk management, and systems development with both sell side and buy side firms, allows us to provide highly detailed expert analysis combined with creative solutions to provide powerful expert litigation support as well as lend credible expert witness testimony.

Asset Classes

  • Residential and Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS and CMBS) as well as residential and commercial loan portfolios
  • Student Loan, Credit Card, Auto Loan, and other Consumer and Non-consumer Assest Backed Securities (ABS) and loan portfolios
  • Cash and Synthetic Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) and Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLOs)
  • Corporate Bonds as well as Corporate CDS